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This is the first tune from James McMahon that was collected from Liam Donnelly and appears in Breathnach/Small's 'Ceol Rince na hÉireann, volume 4'.

The notes, as kindly translated from the Gaelic by Paul De Grae, read:

James McMahon, a musician [flute] from County Fermanagh, composed this. Liam Donnelly was the scribe, a fiddler born in County Tyrone who greatly helped Breandán Breathnach in his work collecting dance music. Donnelly spent his life working in Belfast, and was living in County Antrim at the time of his death in 1992.

...it's an elegant 'notey' jig that just keeps moving.

One wonders if James actually played the low C# (not to mention the first note, the low A, which is well beyond the flute's range!) as it appears in the transcription. It would have been unusual enough for a traditional player to use the low C# key (we more often just bump up to the C# an octave up as this is much handier): The transcription may reflect the fact that the tune was collected from Donnelly, a fiddler, who would have found the low C# much more accessible.

...In the rendition below I add in a few minor variations such as cuts and the odd triplet.