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To shake things up a bit I've decided to break from the running order of the CDs and hop forward to a few of the less well known McKenna tunes.

This track is a duet with banjoist Michael Gaffney.

McKenna's playing of this reel does not display the more energetic/emphatic rhythmic drive and pace of some other reel tracks; he goes for a relatively laid back bouncy momentum here but turns on some nice choppy articulation in places, particularly at the downward run at the end of the first phrase of the first part where he's varying the melody by alternating bouncing up to A notes while bumping the lower notes up to the second octave.

His rolls are very nicely articulated with pushes from the breath.

Another nice touch is the shneaky triplet on the E he slips in on the last run of the second part. Doing things with the E is all the talk here in drug-crazed pre-Paddy's Day Ireland at the moment.

I play the sort of breath emphasis employed, then the basic melody slowed down, and then I play both speeded up.

I got a bit excited by revisiting this tune, so my attempt at it below is quite a bit more boisterous than McKenna's fine take on it. It's a tasty one on the flute!



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