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Archive for December 2012

The Banks of Lough Gowna (Jig)

I was reminded of this one the other day after hearing Pat Mitchell playing a rousing rendition of it based on Bobby Casey's version.

Casey's take on it is very similar to the one included in The Dance Music of Willie Clancy. The popular session setting is pitched up a tone in B minor.

There's a lot of music in it; and it's one I'll be playing more of so as to settle on a good, rounded version.

Lough Gowna is a freshwater lake on the River Erne system. It's situated between counties Longford and Cavan.


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The Lady’s Bonnet (Reel)

This is one of a number of related Clare versions of Drowsy Maggie. Willie Clancy played it and it appears under the above title in Mitchell's 'Dance Music of Willie Clancy' (I recorded another version of Drowsy Maggie here some time ago, with three parts, after Seamus Ennis and Frank O'Higgins).

This and related settings go under the alternative title of The Reel with the Birl [or 'Beryl'], suggesting a Scottish origin. I've heard a similar take on this one attributed to the Clare concertina player Mrs. Elizabeth Crotty.


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