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The Leitrim Thrush (Reel).


Just time for a quick go at a nice Séamus Ennis tune.

I don't hear this one played about the place a lot, which is surprising, because it's nice.

Ennis played this on his LP 'The Pure Drop'.




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This tune is associated with Donegal, and with An Píobaire Mór, Tarlach Mac Suibhne (pictured above).

Leo Rowsome played it, and I was reminded of it recently when I stumbled across Michael Cooney playing his nice rendition HERE.

I'm just getting used to this Benedict Koehler chanter that I'm trying out; it requires a very specific approach to the back D that I'm not quite getting all the time (pretty evident on the third part in places!)

The alternative title (eminating from Donegal) printed above is actually what we used to call The Concertina Reel in Belfast, presumably (for the same reason) because someone reckoned that the last part sounds a bit like a badger farting... I can't confirm the accuracy of that comparison but will stick my neck out and congratulate our subterraneous four legged friends on the musicality of their gaseous emissions.



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