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This is the last melody played in several versions of the chase. It's probably the section of the Fox Chase that's most played as a 'stand alone' tune in its own right; possibly due to Michael Coleman having recorded it along with 'Comb Your Hair and Curl it' on a popular 78 recording.

Because it shares the same time signature as a slip jig it's often considered one; but to my ear it has the phrasing and rhythm of a hop jig (such as The Rocky Road to Dublin, Top it Off, The Butterfly etc etc) so I think there is a clear distinction between those two forms that has been blurred in collections where hop and slip jigs have been printed in the same section (in real musical terms the time signature don't count for nuts!!!) Certainly the old pipers often made the distinction between hop and slip jigs in their identifying them as such.

It's a nice piping tune with that relentless hop jiggy rhythm.




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This is Seamus Ennis' three part version of the famous dance tune and song air. Look at him up there tootin' on a ciggie while on duty!

It's a hop jig, but it's often considered a slip jig as collectors have lumped hop jigs in with slip jigs due to them having the same time signature. As any musician worth his/her salt knows though hop jigs like this one, 'Top it Off', 'The Butterfly', 'The Dusty Miller', 'I'll Comb My Hair and Curl It' etc etc have a totally different phrasing, rhythmic emphasis and general feel to slip jigs.

There's a little section in the second part that's a bit tricky on the chanter. You have to drop from the high A to the low A by stopping the chanter momentarily where there's really no accommodating gap for a stop.

That's it now.


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