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Here's a swift go at a nice old piping march.

Both Leo Rowsome and Séamus Ennis played this one. Ennis provides the first title above and speculated that it was the clan march of the O'Sullivan's. In the sleeve notes of his 1970s LP 'The Pure Drop' he also provides the titles of two songs to the air, "I'll Marry and I'll Never be a Nun" and "The Better that He Longed for Never Came" ('a song of sentimental pathos' as Ennis refers to the second one with his characteristic drollery).

Patsy Touhey recorded a version of this on a wax cylinder that is part of the O'Neill cylinders. You can here a short sample of that, and the Ennis and Rowsome recordings, HERE.


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Well, things don't go well for the poor fox and he or she is caught and killed.

The air that's played in his/her honour however is one of the most plaintive and beautiful in Irish music. There are several minor variations on it and I'm getting caught between a couple of them. The opening phrases of the first part involve some pretty tricky (for me, at least) fingering and chanter raising on the vented C natural so as to get the right tone and keep it more-or-less close to pitch.



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