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The current series of posts on the music of Fermanagh/Belfast fluter and composer James McMahon draws to a close with this beautiful reel. The notes on the tune in CRÉ vol. IV read:

"172. Iníon Mhic Aonghusa: Miss McGuinness (Donnelly II). From James McMahon, County Fermanagh. This is not the usual reel of the same title [for which see CRÉ I 121]."

It's been interesting and fun to consider some of the transcriptions of James' tunes over the last few weeks. His music certainly deserves attention if these transcriptions are any indication of his musicality... So, "many thanks!" and "good luck!" to James McMahon. I'm sure we'll all meet again somewhere on the meandering byways of Irish music's rattle bag of repertory.

I think It's nearly time to turn the attention back to Mr. McKenna.


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The translated notes from CRÉ vol. IV for this James McMahon tune read:

"58. Na Beacha sa Chrann Silíní: Bees in the Cherry Tree (Donnelly II). Single jig. This tune is from James McMahon, County Fermanagh."

...it's a nice single jig and is well suited to the flute.


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