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The Connaughtman’s Rambles (Jig).

This is a take on Séamus Ennis' take on the famous old session staple so beloved by as many Connemara box and melodeon players. I learned it from some old tape... that I can't find at the moment. Most of my recordings are still in boxes somewhere between here (Cark!) and Roscommon.

Apart form the different second part (is it an improvement?... I don't think so, but I like the 'difference' of it as an alternative), Ennis does the nice thing in the first part where he drops down to the G, somewhat like the lovely twist he puts into the first part of his version of The Boys of Blue Hill.




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The Boy on the Hilltop (Reel).

This is one of my favourite tunes (on any instrument).


Willie Clancy springs to mind in relation to this, and Jimmy O'Brien-Moran recorded a very fine rendition of it on his solo CD.


This is my first 'broadcast' from the City of Cork. I'm looking down on the Lovely Lee from the top floor of a house (not a hilltop, but pretty high up). There's a dog barking outside in a Cork accent.


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My first 'commercial' recording on pipes is now available from iTunes HERE (track 6). It appears on a benefit CD of tunes and songs on a Boyle theme.

My track is a version of the song air Mainistir na Búille followed by a pipes setting of The Plains of Boyle.

It'll cost you all of the princely sum of 99 cent, and I can assure you it goes towards a very good cause.

...Buy a dozen as Christmas presents, or to scare people at Halloween with, or just to get rid of those 99 one cent coins that are cluttering up your sideboard... but buy 'em before stocks run out as I hear iTunes is running low on internet fluid!

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