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The Musical Priest (Reel).

This is somewhat after the version that appears in the Leo Rowsome Collection (pg. 101).

The most striking feature of Leo's setting of it therein is that he puts it in A minor, as I've pitched it here (it's generally played up a tone in B minor in sessions).

Another nice thing about it is the little triplet device that avoids the big jump from a low A roll up to the second octave A in the first bar of the third part. The octave jump is quite doable on the chanter, but Leo's take on it is nicer and avoids what might be the default tendency to hop the chanter off the leg to reach for the high A (which done too much sounds cyaaaat... literally!)


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Hardiman the Fiddler (Slip Jig)


Just time for a quick go at this well-known old slip jig. I was reminded of it after hearing Willie Clancy playing it on RTE Radio's The Rolling Wave programme the other evening. There's plenty of scope in it for Clancy's nice treatment of the Cs including various grades of pronouncing them in a clipped or tight way. Accented C naturals stand out well against this them then.

I don't play the second part as open as Clancy did, but I chance a couple off-the-knee 'F super-naturals' here (sliding from high E to the F roll in the second octave off the knee with the wee finger of the bottom hand kept down).

It's thought that the title may commemorate the Mayo-born librarian and music collector James Hardiman (pictured above). The library in NUIG is named after him.


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Ask My Father (Single Jig)

Here's a fist at the old Ennis standard 'Ask My (or 'Me') Father'.

You can hear a nice rendition of it from Éanna Ó Cróinín HERE.

And Cormac Cannon plays a very nice setting that came from Willie Clancy and Bobby Casey HERE.


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