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The Braes of Busby (Reel).

As the name strongly suggests, this Irish setting derives from a Scots piece (a march called The Braes of Bushbie).

It was played in reel form by both Clancy and Ennis, and I've heard it played recently by Gay McKeon.

You'd be forgiven for lumping it into that family of 'Colonel Frazier tunes', as it's easy to confuse with parts of that piping epic.

Getting from the high F Sharp to the C natural in the second part is a bit hairy (at least when I do it), and Ennis does some very impressive finger work there... I just do what I can (and nearly get away with it on occasion).

It's a nice old piece with origins stretching back to the 18th Century.

By the way, some regular visitors have noticed that this page conks out from time to time: all the content disappears and only the header is visible. I've gotten onto Podbean about this several times, but they can't seem to resolve it. As it is I have to log in and re-save a podcast, and this makes everything magically present itself again for viewing. So if you visit here and don't see very much, wait a while and it'll reappear once I've noticed and had a chance to rectify it.

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When Sick is it Tea You Want? (Jig)

Here's an old jig that has become popular on the pipes in no small part due to Séamus Ennis' playing of it.

It appears in O'Neill and can be traced in written collections back to the late 18th Century under interesting titles such as 'Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself' and 'The One-legged Man'.

It's a memorable tune with a distinctive turn in the second part.

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