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This one was made pretty famous by Liam O'Flynn who recorded it with Planxty. This is a pretty similar setting, being after Seamus Ennis.

It differs a bit from the standard session version having one less part, and the last part here is different, with a big long C natural (that is always nice to tuck into on the pipes).

I only remembered afterwards the option of elongating the second cranned long E in the first part (as Ennis and O'Flynn do it), but t'was too late for me ta put it in, arrrrrrrr, 'tis a hard loife bein' a poipin' poirate! (Just slipped into Pirate Mode there for the day that's in it).

Here's Planxty doing their THANG with it. Great track altogether.


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Mama’s Pet (Reel).

This is one of the lesser known tunes that Breatnach included in Ceol Rince na hÉireann attributed to John Potts. I first heard it played by Fermanagh fluter Cathal McConnell.

There are several other tunes called 'Mama's Pet', at least two other reels and a jig. It seems good to me to keep the phrasing of this one quite straight and clear... at least that's the way Cathal played it, so maybe I'm bringing a bit of his fine interpretation into it.

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This is a nice hornpipe that comes from Willie Clancy. It's in Mitchell's Dance Music of Willie Clancy (no. 114).

Nice to play on the pipes what with the big C naturals and opportunity for tight articulations. Jimmy O'Brien-Moran plays a fine rendition of it on his excellent piping CD of some years ago (pictured above).

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